“Evolve Suite” is a moving interpretation by the dance company Jazzantiqua of works by muralist Michael Massenburg, poet, S. Pearl Sharp, and vocalist, Dwight Trible. These seemingly disparate features were capably shaped into a seamless whole over two acts; adding depth and impact to already finished elements. While many in the audience enjoyed long-standing personal connections to the various contributors, everyone thrilled to the inventiveness of the work as a whole; and, especially the artistry of the dancers, most notably, Jeremiah Tatum, in a demonstrably powerful solo.

Projections of Massenburg’s images provided a remarkably stunning backdrop throughout the first act, confirming a surprising connectedness with S. Pearl’s independently authored words. In turn, her “Pieces” trilogy anchored a natural and stirring progression through personal growth, culminating with a reverent expression by the company of the show’s central idea: to “Evolve.”

Eric Thomas


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