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IGAP Project

Commision mural for Inglewood Main Library titled "Inglewood Stories" funding for this artist-initiated projects provides a civic benefit to Inglewood. IGAP, Inglewood Growing Artists Projects, is a pilot program to support the work and thinking of artists and to expose the citizens of Inglewood to contemporary public and community art practice. This project will be completed December 2014


"Fabulous" Forum Announces Musically Inspired Art Program.  

Commisioned mural that depicted the rich history of the Forum using unforgettable images, from the famed 1982 "Miracle on Manchester" hockey game to Lakers championships to some of the most memorable moments in music history. Abstract elements will be painted in sepia tones and will be interwoven into a visual collage depicting momentous events from the Forum's past. Also designed ten medallions that will be strategically placed around the venue to welcome residents who walk the Forum site for exercise, making their visit more visually appealing. The medallions will depict various musical instruments, from drums to saxophones to guitars, and will be complemented by five mile-markers in the shape of guitar necks and picks.

- massenburg - Mens Day Painting and collage 24 x 24
Men's Day Painting and collage 24 x 24
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